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Friday, September 16, 2011

Orientation Session Completed!

Our orientation session is completed.  It went well- Glen had some problems uploading his mindmap- hopefully his access will get straightened out for his presentation.  Maybe we should use something else that week?

I found the chat fascinating and also enjoyed today using NewPosts to check on the blog enties.  It's the first time an RSS feeded has made sense!  Thanks, Stephen Downes.

One of the discussions was about how to measure success in a MOOC. Since every person's path is unique, this is a challenge!  We definitely need to do some qualitative research here.  NewPosts provides the data. 


  1. PS: Also close any unnecessary browser tabs & windows. Remember that although they may be in the background many web pages are coded to constantly refresh live content. And I was totally kidding about bitcoins (although they are so interesting), I hope that is clear!

  2. OMG was my whole first comment deleted when I posted the 2nd? Please let me know, I included specific info and suggestions re Glen's problem with uploading the mindmap

  3. "Prior to week 8 I would suggest" ... _testing_ the following. that's what I meant. Maybe I will have my "annual drink" today!

  4. Thanks! Yes, we'll be making sure Glen's presentation works by week 8.

  5. sadly every time I have tried posting a comment with very specific recommendations it is deleted. not sure why. the most important thing if encountering load problems during webinar hosting is to separate the voice channel out to a landline or mobile phone instead of using computer's mic. Don't know if Elluminate provides call-in audio like GoToMeeting, Yugma, etc

  6. Hello Ilyse and Betty,
    I think Blackboard Collaborate supports call-in but this is a feature that needs to be set-up and paid by the institution who is using it... we were told in a recent webinar with a Blackboard Collaborate trainer.

    Speak again soon